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Foil Film Bulk Bag

Durable Bulk Bags for Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical bulk bags are commonly used to transport pharmaceutical materials through all the phases of the drug manufacturing process. The performance attributes can be matched to meet the requirements of your application, whether it is a breathable microbial barrier, extreme toughness, or barrier protection from moisture, oxygen, other gases, or ultraviolet light. Bags may be produced up to 36 inches wide and up to 100 inches long and can include a bottom gusset.

Foil Film Bulk Bags are Commonly Used For:

  • Bulk Drugs
  • Tablets/Capsules
  • Unit Dose Placebos
  • Powders
  • Drug Delivery Components


Product Presentation

Peelable or Non-Peelable Protection of Bulk Product


Up to four (4) colors


Custom sizes up to 36 inches wide and up to 100 inches long available with or without a bottom gusset.

Examples of Products Packaged

Sterile Syringes
Vial Stoppers
Oral Solid Dose Tablets and Capsules
Nutraceutical Powders

Compatible Sterilization Methods


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