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HDPE Die Cut Tray

Die Cut Tray Provides Rigidity and Protection in a Flexible Material

HDPE Die Cut Trays are commonly used in lieu of thermoformed trays for improved speed to market and additional capabilities such as 360 degree protection without additional components. Die cut trays are highly sustainable and are made and shipped flat, yet provide protection often superior to thermoformed trays counterpart. HDPE Die Cut Trays are available in a variety of materials in sizes and configurations based on the device.   Die cut trays are typically packaged in a flexible peel pouch and can serve as a table when placed on a stand within the operating room. Standard materials are natural or white HDPE in various thicknesses, including 15 mil, 23 mil, 35 mil.   Quick turnaround from conception to production using cost effective tooling in sustainable, recyclable standard materials allows for meeting short timelines for sterile barrier system validations.

HDPE Die Cut Trays are Commonly Used For:

  • Orthopedic Components
  • Long Devices with Leads and Tubing
  • Large Products which require rigidity but a flexible package
  • Surgical Procedure Instruments


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Highly customized Layouts and Protection Elements


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Custom sizes from 1”x1” to 28”x 100”+

Examples of Products Packaged

Cardiac ablation procedure kits
Endoscopic vein surgery instruments
Spinal procedure kits
Aortic valve procedure kits

Compatible Sterilization Methods


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