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Tyvek® Foil Header Bag

High Barrier Pouch with Tyvek® Header for EO Sterilization

High barrier pouches with a DuPont Tyvek® header bags are commonly used for packaging and sterilizing devices that require high barrier packaging but need to be gas sterilized. Available in various foil or other high barrier laminations. Tyvek® header allows for the breathability and exchange of gas during EO sterilization of the device yet can be sealed below the header and header removed to create non-breathable high barrier final package.

High Barrier Pouches with Tyvek® Header are Commonly Used For

  • Moisture Sensitive Devices
  • Oxygen Sensitive Devices
  • Drug Coated Devices
  • UV Sensitive Devices
  • Devices that require EO sterilization and High Barrier Packaging


Product Presentation

Clean peeling for ease of aseptic presentation of contents


Up to four (4) colors


Custom sizes from 2 to 99 inches wide and in lengths from 3 to 34 inches

DuPont™ and Tyvek® are trademarks of DuPont™

Examples of Products Packaged

Absorbable sutures/films/meshes
Tissue products
Collagen products
Drug coated catheters
Acellular dermal matrices


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