Beacon Converters

Specializes in Custom Sterile Barrier Packaging Solutions

Beacon manufactures flexible sterilization packaging systems in medical grade materials, including DuPont™ Tyvek®, single and multilayer films, paper, and laminations containing foil, paper and film, suitable for all sterilization methods.

We serve the medical device, pharmaceutical, biologics and animal health industries, creating specialized sterilizable packaging systems. An ISO 13485:2016 certified, third generation family business, women owned and small business certified, we contribute to development of consensus guidance and standards, we have fast turnarounds and serve customers globally.

Sterilization Methods

Beacon's packaging may be sterilized in a variety of methods, depending on the needs of the device. Learn more about specific sterilization methods and available packaging.


Our Story

The year is 1947, the war is over and rationing has ended.  Families are together and the world is full of promise.   America’s appetite is growing and advances in food packaging and safety are on the rise.  Beacon’s founder, William F. Daly, our grandfather, saw this as an opportunity to advance flexible packaging in a market surrounded by boxed food and cans. In the 1970’s, Beacon, led by our father, William P. Daly, sees the increased focus on sterility and patient safety as an opportunity to move into sterilization packaging. Beacon patents several unique sterilization pouches and registers as a device manufacturer with the FDA.   Today, in our third generation of Daly family leadership, the spirit of our founders continues to impact our vision, which is “to positively impact and guide the future of sterilization packaging and the advancement of patient safety, while continually improving upon packaging technologies, materials and quality systems”.

Markets Served

Animal Health
Bulk Pharmaceuticals
Cell Therapy
Diagnostic Testing Kits
Electro Surgical Devices
Endoscopic Instruments
Hydro Gels
Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
IV Overwraps
Ocular Care
Prefilled Syringes
Procedure Packs and Kits
Surgical Instrumentation
Tubing Sets
Vascular Access
Wound Care