Beacon Celebrates their 70th Anniversary & their New Location

Beacon Converters celebrated their 70th Anniversary and the grand opening of their new location at 45 Mayhill Street in Saddle Brook earlier this month, both proudly commemorating the past and christening a bright future in their new location.


“We are so happy to be able to share this day with our families, friends, suppliers, customers, retirees, contractors, and current staff and their families, so many of the people who have contributed to our success,” said Jackie Daly Johnson, president of Beacon. Guests Mike Scholla and Leslie Love of Dupont Tyvek presented Beacon with a crystal vase honoring their long term partnership, Dupont Tyvek celebrates their 50th anniversary as Beacon celebrates their 70th.



Attendees especially enjoyed seeing themselves in the array of pictures from the past, marveled at the display of historical products, and were impressed by the intricate artistry of Bella the Bride. Harkening back to the popsicle bags that were among Beacon’s first products, Dupont hosted a festive gelato cart, provided by Gelotti a local family owned business celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. As an anniversary gift to Beacon, Gelotti created a stunning cake crafted as a lighthouse beacon, with pictures of Beacon through the years adorning the cake.


Nadine D’Ambrosio of Hackensack University Medical Center presented Beacon with a bouquet of Tyvek® flowers made by the children’s center, during Bella the Brides visit to Hackensack University Medical Center earlier this month for their Earth Day festivities.

President and CEO, Jackie Daly Johnson, Chairman of the Board William P. Daly, Kathleen Daly Mascolo, VP, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Terri Daly Shank, Director of IT and Marketing Projects are pictured.