Beacon Launches New Logo as They Celebrate Their 75th Anniversary

Beacon Converters unveils new logo signifying company’s focus on guiding the future of sterilization packaging


There are pivotal thresholds in the life of every company. Crossroads where you take a look at where you are and chart the course for future direction. Beacon committed to a future of growth in 2017 when they moved into a new facility that more than doubled their space. Since that time, they have continued to expand their team and manufacturing capacity to support the growing need for flexible sterilization packaging.


“We have grown and evolved so much over the last years that we decided it was time to refresh our logo and brand to visually symbolize who we are today and our future vision.” – Kathleen Daly Mascolo, VP and Director of Sales and Marketing


Beacon is proud to launch their new logo as they celebrate their 75th anniversary and officially welcome a new generation of thought leaders, including the 4th generation of family members to the company.


Their new logo retains the core elements of the original design. The iconic lighthouse and fanning rays continue to symbolize their founders’ vision to positively impact and continually improve upon packaging technologies and materials.


The refreshed design removes the circle that bounded the lighthouse rays, to create the impression of looking back on where they company has been, while projecting their vision further into the future.


The color palette has continued to evolve from the original deep red and warm green, to the single color royal blue logo used in recent years. The new logo uses two shades of blue. A rich navy in the lighthouse and text, to represent a solid and trustworthy foundation, and the lighter shade of blue in the lighthouse rays to evoke the feeling of clean, sterile and dependable.

Beacon LogoBeacon’s Original Logo


    Beacon’s New Logo


Since the company was founded in 1947, when the family’s grandfather William F Daly and his founding partners saw an opportunity to advance light weight food packaging, and in the early 1970’s when William P Daly heeded the call for medical grade sterilization packaging, Beacon’s core vision remains the same, to positively impact and continually improve upon packaging technologies and materials.


Beacon partners with customers, suppliers and has contributed to the development of standards for the advancement of the industry. It is this vision that stays true and the new logo stands to uphold.


In the upcoming months Beacon will continue to update its logo and brand. Visit their website for more information at