Artwork can be provided for plate generation from a wide variety of means – most commonly provided is a pdf or Adobe Illustrator Files saved with the fonts outlined

Drawing or Product Drawings

To assist customers in developing their specification Beacon can provide a capability illustration drawing, detailing materials, tolerances, typical seal strengths, etc.

Certification Documentation is time sensitive and available upon request; let us know your needs. Commonly requested documents include:

A Confidentiality Agreement, also known as a Non-Disclosure agreement, is put in place to protect the intellectual capital of both the customer and Beacon as the supplier.  Agreements are two way, we can review yours or provide one for your review and signature

Credit Terms

Our traditional standard terms are 2%, 10 net 30.  Each account is reviewed and terms are established on an individual basis

Credit Application

Requested items are 3 trade references and a bank account.

Credit Cards

Accepted using PayPal, additional fees may apply


Lead Time, product turn around for custom orders, using commonly stocked material combinations are typically 3-4 weeks.  Many of our products are run on multiple lines by a qualified staff who is customer focused and committed to their needs. Let us know when you need product and we will do our best to get it there!

Sampling needs vary, we can assist you with your request please let us know your needs.

Sample Packets

Include a variety of thought provoking product offerings and their material code.

Material Evaluation Samples

During our customer’s material selection process, samples of different materials are available to be sent for review

*Sizing Sample - During our customer’s size selection process, samples of different sizes are available to be sent for review