In a Hot Spot – Beacon Manufactures Protective Face Shields

Covid 19 Face Shields

Along with its Tri-State neighbors, Beacon faced the head-on challenges of the being the nation’s first hot spot in the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time there was an immediate and urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and first responders.


To meet the shortage for PPE, Beacon Converters, who traditionally serves the healthcare industry with custom sterile barrier packaging solutions, worked closely with a local hospital to develop a process for manufacturing protective face shields.


In mid-March Beacon Converters quickly shifted its manufacturing facilities to cut face shields and collaborated with VLV Associates® ( who was able to fabricate and package them. Without delay over 100,000 new face shields were delivered to hospital and other front-line professionals around the nation.


The need for protective gear continues beyond the walls of healthcare. In order to support our community heroes, Beacon donated boxes of face shields to local police, fire, food banks and child protective services.


Beacon is committed to responding to today’s challenges by assisting with tight deadlines, offering innovative solutions, sharing knowledge and providing for our community.


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