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How To Create Your Own Unique Dream Catcher


The ReMakers Dream Catcher kit includes a story and craft guide that transforms 5 Tyvek® peel pouches into beautiful ribbons, feathers, and beads. When you paint Tyvek® fluffy swirls appear that look just like cotton candy! It’s those spun fibers that let the material breathe, it allows sterilization and protects products that keep patients safe.

Crafters can’t eat it but soon they discover they can wet it, cut it, curl it, glue it and make unqiue craft projects with it. How sweet is that?

ReMakers Dream Catcher Craft Workshop Series:

View 2‐3 Minute Training Videos:

Set sail with us on a creative journey that brings sweet dreams to life! Watch our ReMakers Dream Catcher Craft Workshop Series below!

Paint Workshop

Ribbons Workshop


Feathers Workshop


Beads Workshop

How To Assemble Your Unique Dream Catcher


Assembly Part 1
Hoop and Hanging Loop


Assembly Part 2
Ribbons, Feathers & beads

A 2nd Act for Clean, New & Reclaimed Healthcare Packaging

200 Dream Catcher Kits with Art Supplies will be donated to children’s health and wellness initiatives.

Art Supplies donated by Kit Sponsors: Beacon Converters & DuPont™ Tyvek® Medical & Pharmaceutical Protection

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