Foil to Foil Pouches

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High Barrier Pouches Peelable and Non-Peelable

Foil to Foil Pouches are available in a variety of foil lamination combinations. Aluminum Foil provides high barrier to moisture, light, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Foil pouches may be vacuum sealed. Foil Laminations are available in a variety of foil thicknesses and distinct material layers that provide a wide range of properties for peelable and non-peelable pouches.

Foil to Foil Pouches are Commonly Used For

  • Moisture Sensitive Devices
  • Tissue products
  • Coated Products
  • Bulk Pharmaceuticals

Examples of Products Packaged

  • Bulk Tablets
  • Highly Sensitive Active Ingredients
  • Drug Coated Stents
  • Collagen Implants

Compatible Sterilization Methods

  • Gamma
  • E-Beam
  • Radiation


Product Presentation

  • Custom sizes
  • Corner peel
  • Chevron peel
  • Tear Notch


  • Up to 4 colors


  • Custom sizes 1” to 30” wide by 1” to 99” long

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