The ReMakers Dream Catcher Group Craft Project


Creating Dream Catchers in a group setting can encourage participants to share their dreams with others.

The ReMakers Dream Catcher can be shipped in individual cases with art supplies for 2 or more participants to craft their own Dream Catchers, OR in this refillable bin for group craft project settings.

The larger bin contains the same components as the individual kits, but is scaled up to serve 10 or more participants.

The full art supply list is located in the downloadable craft instructions book.

A total of 200 Dream Catcher Kits with Art Supplies will be donated by Kit Sponsors: Beacon Converters & DuPont™ Tyvek® Medical & Pharmaceutical Protection, to children’s health and wellness initiatives.

The ReMakers Dream Catcher kit is a sustainable craft project that provides a 2nd Act to clean unused, DuPont™ medical grade Tyvek® peel pouches that were reclaimed by Product Manufacturing at Beacon Converters, Inc.

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