A 2nd Act for Clean, New & Reclaimed Healthcare Packaging

ReMakers are curious and discover new ways to use discarded materials.

Welcome to a material celebration that sets aside Beacon’s new unused sterilization packaging to be given new life in community based art initiatives.

Art engages and connects to your senses, body and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt may spur thinking engagement and even action.

- Oliver Eliason, World Economic Forum

Beacon believes the materials used in sterilization packaging have greater value than ending up in landfill. Built to last and withstand, the protection features of healthcare packaging contribute to patient safety, but the potential environmental impact of plastic packaging remains.

The creative process of making art can improve emotional well-being and aid in the process of healing.

- Children’s National Health System

We believe art has the power

to encourage new thinking around resource value and recovery...

Follow us as we create a 2nd Act for healthcare packaging.

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The ReMakers Dream Catcher

Reclaimed Items:
Clean white DuPont™ medical grade Tyvek® peel pouches

Are you ready to unleash the power of dreams?
The ReMakers Dream Catcher kit includes a story and craft guide with journal prompts for dreamers young and old.

200 Dream Catcher Kits with Art Supplies will be donated to children’s health and wellness initiatives.

Art Supplies donated by Kit Sponsors: Beacon Converters & DuPont™ Tyvek® Medical & Pharmaceutical Protection

Interested in our Dream Catchers?

If you are interested in requesting supplies we would love to speak to you!!

Remakers Create Inspiration Blog

 Stay up to date with new inspirations, creations, and dreams!

Remakers Create Inspiration Blog

Stay up to date with new inspirations, creations, and dreams!

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