Sterilization Methods


Autoclave Sterilization of Packaging Materials

Autoclave and Steam sterilization are high heat and humidity processes. Tyvek® can be used under controlled conditions* in Steam sterilization. Tyvek® can be heat sealed to uncoated steam sterilizable film to make high-quality steam sterilizable pouches. High temperature materials are available for Autoclave/ retort processing.

Autoclave Sterilization Process

  • Extreme Humidity

  • High Temperatures

  • Requires Heat Resistant and Moisture Resistant Materials

Material Compatibility

  • Steam and Autoclave processing damage many packaging materials

  • Breathable (Steam) and non-breathable, high barrier (Autoclave) options are available

Autoclave Sterilization Products By Type

MaterialProduct Options
Tyvek ®Tyvek® to Tyvek® Pouch*
Tyvek® to Film Pouch*
Tyvek® Tie Wrap*
Tyvek® Lidding*
Tyvek® Lift Tab*
FilmFilm to Film Pouch
Film to Tyvek® Pouch*
Film to Foil Pouch
Film Tyvek® Header Bag*
FoilFoil to Foil Pouch
Foil to Tyvek® Bulk Bag*
Foil to Film Pouch
Flexible HDPEHDPE Packaging Insert*