Sterilization Methods


E-Beam Sterilization of Packaging Materials

Electron Beam is a sterilization process that utilizes direct current or linear accelerator to emit high energy electrons. Electron Beam sterilizers can have more energy than Gamma processing so suitable packaging selection is critical for success. Beacon has a number of products that are suitable for Electron Beam Sterilization.

E-Beam Sterilization Process

  • Ambient Humidity

  • Ambient Temperature

  • Requires Radiation Suitable Package Materials

Material Compatibility

  • Compatible with many Beacon materials

  • Suitable for low profile packaged products

E-Beam Sterilization Products By Type

MaterialProduct Options
Tyvek ®Tyvek® to Tyvek® Pouch
Tyvek® to Film Pouch
Tyvek® to Foil Bulk Bag
Tyvek® Foil Header Bag
Tyvek® Film Header Bag
Tyvek® Tie Wrap
Tyvek® Lidding
Tyvek® Lift Tab
FilmFilm to Film Pouch
Film to Tyvek® Pouch
Film to Foil Pouch
Film Tyvek® Header Bag
FoilFoil to Foil Pouch
Foil to Tyvek® Bulk Bag
Foil to Film Pouch
Foil Lidding
Flexible HDPEHDPE Packaging Insert