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sterization-method-gammaGamma Sterilization of Packaging Materials

Gamma Irradiation is a sterilization process that utilizes a radioactive isotope that emits high energy photons. These photons create disruptions that kill microbes. Packaging selection is critical for success. Beacon has a wide selection of products that are suitable for Gamma Sterilization.

Gamma Sterilization Process

  • Ambient Humidity
  • Moderate Temperature
  • Requires Radiation Suitable Package Materials

Material Compatibility

  • Compatible with most Beacon materials
  • Polypropylene not recommended
  • Not suitable for Aqueous Products
MaterialProduct Options
Tyvek ®Tyvek® to Tyvek® Pouch
Tyvek® to Film Pouch
Tyvek® to Foil Bulk Bag
Tyvek® Foil Header Bag
Tyvek® Film Header Bag
Tyvek® Tie Wrap
Tyvek® Lidding
Tyvek® Lift Tab
FilmFilm to Film Pouch
Film to Tyvek® Pouch
Film to Foil Pouch
Film Tyvek® Header Bag
FoilFoil to Foil Pouch
Foil to Tyvek® Bulk Bag
Foil to Film Pouch
Foil Lidding
Flexible HDPEHDPE Packaging Insert