The ReMakers Dream Catcher Individual Craft Project


Dream Catcher Ambassador BoxTake a peek at the ReMakers Dream Ambassador kit.  It comes fully stocked with all the craft supplies needed to create 2 or more Dream Catchers out of clean unused, DuPont™ medical grade Tyvek® peel pouches.

The supplies are organized in a refillable, compartmentalized case, that can be used to store each of the project’s completed components (ribbons, feathers and beads!).

In addition to the kit, a complimentary story and craft guide is available on Beacon’s website that will surely bring sweet dreams to life.

A total of 200 Dream Catcher Kits with Art Supplies will be donated by Kit Sponsors: Beacon Converters & DuPont™ Tyvek® Medical & Pharmaceutical Protection, to children’s health and wellness initiatives.

The ReMakers Dream Catcher kit is a sustainable craft project that provides a 2nd Act to clean unused, DuPont™ medical grade Tyvek® peel pouches that were reclaimed by Product Manufacturing at Beacon Converters, Inc.

Take a peek at the “Cotton Candy Dream Catcher” themed kit for children ages 4+: