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Spring Bonnet Flowers

Bella’s Pink Posies Template

Kids love paper flowers and what better way to embellish a hat, present, card, table, the list is endless.  Bella’s Pink Posies template will get your started.  While you are at it, don’t forget to make and send a flower for Bella.  Bella loves white posies!  #flowerforBella #BellatheBride Pink Posies Template  

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Pick Your Petals Template

Loves Me, Loves Me Not – Pick Your Favorite Petals Template

  “Loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not…”  Who doesn’t remember plucking petal upon petal asking the age old question “Does he love me?”  Bella is on a mission to change how “trash” is viewed.  Last week the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) crafted flower upon flower from clean, thin white, […]

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Chickie’s Spring Bouquet Template

Spring is officially on its way, bringing budding branches, nesting birds and of course, colorful blankets of daffodils and tulips. In the meantime, you can create your own flowers with this Chickie’s Spring Bouquet for Bella template.  The petals are free and forgiving of straight lines and cuts.  While your at it, don’t forget to, make […]

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Plant the Seeds of Transformation; Discarded Medical Packaging becomes Flowers for Bella!

Discarded Tyvek®, a clean, flexible, white plastic, recyclable material, widely used in medical device packaging, is transformed into flowers for Bella the Bride’s wedding gown.  Bella’s beautiful wedding gown personifies the importance of recycling discarded waste which could otherwise be sent to landfill.  Healthcare Professionals are invited to help plant the seeds of transformation! Follow the […]

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The Story of Bella

Bella the Bride was visualized in the fall of 2015, at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, where Nancy Judd’s Recycle Runway collection of Eco Couture fashion (made out of trash) was on display. It may have first occurred when standing in front of the greeter dress, a colorful, exotic, Fiesta dress fashioned out of […]

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Beauty in Discarded Things

Pay it Forward — Be the Change

Bella sees beauty in discarded things.  Whether it’s upcycling used medical packaging to create flowers for her sassy, yet elegant wedding gown, or finding ways to embellish and repurpose everyday things for her wedding. Follow Bella and find new ways to reduce waste, save money and playfully Pay It Forward! @BellatheBride      

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